Monday, July 5, 2010

Cotton Long Scarf SET 02

SET 02 ( 3 sets available)
Cost : rm260 ( not inclusive postage)
1 set has 10 yummy colors
Material : made from quality cotton

All Items Not Inclusive Inner
Color including in this set :

Color : Green Amazon ( Boston Blue Seam line)

Pink Hop Bush ( yellow baby seam)
True color is more soft compare with the pic here

Pale Purple ( Lilac Seam line)

Squirell Brown ( pale purple)

Moon Glow Yellow ( Purple Seam line)

Maroon ( Off Green lining)

Sky Blue ( Asparagus Green Seam Line)

Black ( Carrot Orange Seam line)

Endavour ( Blue Seam line)

Khaki Green ( Teal Seam Line)


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